Valentine's Red Velvet Buns

Make this Valentine's Day even more special with these beautiful, heart-warming buns, with just one little special ingredient... Love!

Done in 3 hours

Serves 6

Ori Goldberg

Dish by Ori Goldberg

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Your favourite cake and your favourite bread all rolled into one! These red velvet inspired buns are stuffed with chocolaty goodness, making them the perfect gift for your Valentine this holiday.


For the dough, heat up your milk in the microwave for 20-30 seconds, until it is warm but not unbearably hot (like a Luke-warm bath). Into the milk, add a tbsp of sugar and your yeast, and let bloom for 5 minutes.

Into your stand mixer or mixing bowl, add all your dry ingredients, and give it a mix. Once the yeast is frothy, add your eggs and whisk together, and add to your dry. Knead on slow, for 10 mins.

After 10 minutes, start adding your room temperature butter, a tbsp at a time, was well as your food colouring. Once done, cover the dough and leave to prove for 1 hour.

For the filling, melt the butter and dark chocolate together, then mix with the sugar, cocoa, and espresso powder. Allow to cool slightly.

Press down and roll your dough, into 2-3cm thick rectangle. Spread your filling covering all the dough. Roll the dough from both sides towards the middle, and cut into 8 pieces, making little dough hearts (pinch the tip of the hearts for a better shape) place in a buttered baking tray, and let prove for another hour. Pre-heat oven to 180°c, and bake for 25-30 minutes.

For the icing, whisk together cream cheese and softened butter until combined. Add cream, vanilla, and icing sugar then beat again until smooth.

Once your buns are ready, remove from the oven and whilst hot, cover in your icing, and enjoy!

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Ori Goldberg

Ori Goldberg

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