Canal Floddie Pizza

A veggie alternative to the iconic Newcastle bacon floddie. This pizza is loaded with garlic butter, potatoes, mozzarella, crispy shallots, chives, an egg, and hot honey!

Done in 30 minutes

Serves 4



You'll need:

Pizza dough

200glow moisture mozzarella, grated

200gbaby potatoes, thinly sliced

1shallot, thinly sliced


3garlic cloves, finely minced

200gunsalted butter, melted

2 tbspflat leaf parsley, finely chopped

1 tbspchives, finely chopped

Pinchchilli flakes

Hot honey

Salt, to taste

You can't get more Newcastle than this! Paired perfectly with an ice cold Pepsi MAX.


Start by preparing the garlic butter. Melt the butter, then add the finely chopped garlic, parsley, and salt. Add a splash of olive oil if needed to keep it drizzle-able. 

Thinly slice the potatoes and shallot using a mandoline.

Fry the shallot in the vegetable oil over a medium/high heat until lightly golden brown, then place on a paper towel to drain.

Blanch the potatoes in a pan of boiling water for 2 minutes, then place in a bowl of cold water. Pat dry.

Drizzle the garlic butter all over the prepared pizza base, then top with grated mozzarella. Sprinkle over the thinly sliced potato, leaving a gap in the middle for the egg. Cook the pizza a for a couple minutes in a hot regular oven or pizza oven before carefully adding the egg.

Season with salt and pepper. Carefully return to the oven, then cook for a couple minutes until the dough has puffed and blackened, and the egg white is cooked through but with a runny yolk.

Finish with hot honey, crispy shallots, chilli flakes, and fresh chives. Enjoy with a Pepsi MAX.

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Spencer Lengsfield

Spencer Lengsfield

Spencer has been cooking since she got her first Easy-Bake oven at four years old, and began recipe developing professionally whilst completing her Master’s degree in 2020. Born in Los Angeles, she has an inherent love for all things Mexican, Japanese, and Korean, but is also heavily influenced by her family's Louisiana heritage. Spencer loves bright flavours, spice and fusion food. If she were a food, she'd be kimchi - versatile, spicy and funky.

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