Boursin Pollo Verde Enchiladas

Cheesy, creamy Boursin and chicken enchiladas are the ultimate midweek comfort meal!

Done in 1 hour

Serves 4

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Cheesy Boursin enchilada sauce covers tortillas wrapped up with more Boursin, spiced chicken, and veggies. Finished with fresh herbs, chillies, and avocado, this is a super fresh but indulgent recipe.


Start by marinating the chicken. Whisk together olive oil, lime juice, chipotle paste, smoked paprika, cumin, honey, salt, and pepper. Add in the chicken thighs, coat well, and set aside.

Slice up the peppers and onion, and saute until soft but not mushy. Season with salt and pepper, and set aside.

For the sauce, melt the butter in a nonstick pan. Once foamy, add the flour, and whisk until incorporated.

Add the Boursin, and whisk until smooth. Slowly start streaming in the milk. Cook over medium/low heat until thickened. Season with salt, pepper, and lime juice.

Cook the chicken thighs in a hot skillet until cooked through and nicely charred. Slice up.

Preheat the oven to 200 C.

Get one of your small flour tortillas, and cover with a thin layer of boursin. At the bottom of the tortilla add a line of peppers and onions, and a few pieces of chicken. Roll up into a tight tube, and place into a baking dish. Repeat until the dish is full.

Brush the tortillas all over with salsa verde. Drizzle over the creamy sauce in the middle of the dish.

Bake for 20 minutes or until crispy and bubbly - if it’s not browned enough, just pop under the grill for the final 5 minutes

Finish with Boursin crumbles, sliced avocado, jalapeno, radish, onion, and coriander.

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Spencer Lengsfield

Spencer Lengsfield

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