Crispy Pork Chop Burrata Sandwich

Move aside fried chicken! Fried pork chops will be your new favourite sandwich addition.

Done in 30 minutes

Serves 2

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Got some pork chops in the back of your freezer that you think you'll never use? Think again! Crispy, juicy fried pork chops are the star of the show in this sandwich, topped with creamy burrata and zingy green olive salsa.


Start by making the salsa. Chop all of the ingredients, and combine in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper, taste for seasoning and adjust as necessary. Set aside

For the pork, trim off any excess fat, bone, or skin. Season your flour with salt and pepper, and place in a bowl. In two separate bowls, add beaten eggs and panko breadcrumbs.

Add the vegetable oil to a heavy bottomed pot, so it comes around 1 inch up the side. Heat the oil to 175 C

Once the oil is up to temperature, carefully place in the dredged pork chops. Once they get golden brown around the edge, slowly flip. Once it reaches an internal temperature of 62 C and it's evenly golden brown, remove from the oil and place on a drying rack. Immediately salt.

Toast your ciabatta, and liberally spread burrata on both sides. Top with the fried pork chop, and a good spoonful of the salsa. Enjoy!

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Spencer Lengsfield

Spencer Lengsfield

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