Vegan Romesco Potato Snacks

These delicious vegan snacks are absolutely stuffed full of the most amazing flavours and indeed textures. Yum!

Done in 24 hours

Serves 10

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I'm really into this one. Good things do sometimes come in small packages, and this dinky little vegan potato square recipes has a lot going for it. Simultaneously crispy and fluffy with a rich and spicy romesco sauce and optional hazelnut dukkah. These are a very good thing.


THE DAY BEFORE you want these delicious morsels of nice, you need to get the potatoes on the go. First, set the oven to 130°. Get a square baking tin and a mandolin and get slicing and layering. In between each layer of potatoes brush some vegan butter and a sprinkling of salt.

When you've finally finished layering them up, cover with baking paper and tin foil (you don't want to colour them at this stage) and bake for around 2/3 hours or until completely cooked through. Put something heavy on top of them and leave them in the fridge overnight.

Meanwhile, make some romesco! Crank that oven up to 180°C and roast the tomatoes and garlic until the garlic smells nice and the tomatoes are withered with a little char, roughly 30/40 mins.

Place both the tomatoes and squeezed out garlic into a blender along with the breadcrumbs, vinegar, olive oil, sat and soaked chillis. Blend until smooth then pop into a piping bag.

The next day, heat up the oil until its around 170°C. Use a big sharp knife and cut the potatoes into little squares then fry them in batches until they are really crispy.

Squeeze the romesco on top, top with dukkah (or za'atar or spice mix of your choosing) and go wild. You've earned this!

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Hugh Woodward

Hugh Woodward

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