Burger King is giving away free Whoppers to settle hilarious Ch’King sandwich Twitter feud

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

The Burger King PR machine is in full overdrive this week after the company pledged to give a free Whopper to anyone who tries its new chicken sandwich.

Following the contentious launch of the unusually named Ch’King sandwich, the brand has been playing up to a mock-feud between its two A-list menu items.

Now, it seems, the solution they’ve settled on is free food for the rest of us. Winner winner, Ch’King dinner.

Burger King free whopper Burger King is pledging to give away free Whoppers alongside its Ch’King sandwich (Credit: Alamy/Daniel Reiter)

Burger King giving away free Whoppers

In a message sent late last night, the official Burger King Twitter account promised free Whoppers to anyone who buys a Ch’King sandwich.

This decision follows an intense internal conflict within the company, in which the restaurant’s signature Whopper sandwich spun off and created its own Twitter account.

As Burger King explained in the tweet: “So much hype that @therealwhopper made its own twitter over the news of the #ChKing. get a free Whopper when you buy a Ch’King…does this count as a truce?”

Burger King Burger King fans are hoping the chain lives up to its promise (Credit: Twitter)

Understandably, people are pretty excited about getting two burgers for the price of one. No sooner had Burger King posted its message, when dozens of eager fans flooded the replies.

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However, there are signs that the Burger King blood feud is not over yet. The newly created Whopper Twitter account, which appears to be going rogue, wrote: “Lol so people are only getting the Ch’King to get a free me.”

It looks like this territory dispute could rumble on for a while yet.

Burger King chicken sandwich The new Ch’King sandwich from Burger King is causing a stir online (Credit: Burger King)

New Ch’King sandwich sparks disagreement

The new Ch’King sandwich is not just responsible for a maverick Whopper Twitter account. In fact, the sandwich’s entire launch is controversial, not least because of its unusual name.

At release several fans were at pains to point out that the specially-created chking hashtag looked suspiciously like “choking”. Several prominent voices couldn’t understand why this was an association you would want for a burger.

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For instance, as one baffled Twitterer put it: “I thought Burger King’s new hashtag #chking said ‘choking’. Not exactly the kind of marketing I’d be looking for in a good establishment….”

No doubt the powers that be at Burger King will be hoping that free food can distract from weird branding.