11 Euros-themed cake decorating ideas that every football fan will love

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After a historic win over Germany, baking football fanatics up and down the country are understandably keen to celebrate with some Euros-themed cake decorating ideas. After all, it’s not every day you get to revel in an England win.

Fortunately for commemorative cooks, the Internet has no shortage of inspiration.

Euros-themed cake decorating ideas This summer is the perfect occasion for a celebratory Euros cake (Credit: Alamy/Julio Etchart)

Euros-themed cake decorating ideas

To help you usher football’s imminent return home with something suitably sweet, we’ve pulled together some of the web’s best Euros-themed cake decorating ideas.

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Whether you’re a casual football fan or go to bed wrapped in a giant Harry Kane duvet, these suggestions will cater for any occasion.

Here are our top 11 Euros-themed cake decorating ideas.

1. All-inclusive

Euros-inspired cake decorating ideas This Euros cake design features several of the nations taking part (Credit: Instagram/creativecakekitchencowbridge)

It’s easy to forget after yesterday’s euphoria, but there are actually several other countries competing to win this tournament, besides England.

For a design that reflects the breadth of Euros fanaticism across the continent, a concept like this might fit the bill.

2. 30 years of cake

Euros cake This euros-inspired cake design is more complicated than many (Credit: Instagram/cakecornermancs)

In some situations, a classic cake design ticks every box. However, sometimes we all need something a little more extravagant.

So if you have a big birthday coming up, this football-inspired 30th cake could be right up your street. Just don’t try and eat the goal.

3. We’re on the ball

Euros-themed cake decorating ideas Simple can still be seriously effective in a cake (Credit: Instagram/familycakecomp)

On the other hand, sometimes less is more when it comes to cake design. This simple but effective design is a perfect example.

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It might not have the flair of an expertly cut 30, but sometimes you need stability to get the job done. Think of it as the patisserie equivalent of a Rice and Phillips midfield.

4. Three lions on a cake

Euros cake design This England birthday cake is the perfect way to celebrate football’s imminent homecoming (Credit: Instagram/_littledelights)

Whenever England play at an international tournament, it’s a moral duty to be as flamboyantly patriotic as possible. This prerequisite makes this birthday cake design absolutely ideal in the circumstances.

Again, it might not be particularly complicated. But, route one can still deliver delicious results.

5. On top of the world

Euros cake design ideas This design almost looks like a wedding cake (Credit: Instagram/ooshiescake)

If you want a cake that both acknowledges the rest of the competition while exerting England’s obvious superior footballing prowess, look no further.

Not only could this cake cater for a crowd but it also provides plenty of opportunity for fun grass icing. As far as we’re concerned, that’s a win-win.

6. Cake diorama

Euros cake TV This cake is a pretty accurate representation of the average Euros summer (Credit: Instagram/irene_m_cakes)

If, like the rest of the country, you’ve spent far too much time over the last few months glued to the sofa, this representative bake may give you the motivation you need.

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Even if you do have the physique of Action Man, no one likes to think this is how their family sees them. Get off the sofa and, for God’s sake, take the dog for a walk.

7. The icing on the cake

football cake This cake design incorporates some goal-mouth action (Credit: Instagram/sweet_delights)

It’s quite hard to accurately recreate the majesty of the beautiful game with sugar and sponge. That said, we think this effort comes pretty close.

Sure, the ‘keeper seems to be diving before the ball has left the striker’s boot. But this is still as close as many cakes come to full-throttle football action.

8. The hallowed turf

Green sponge football cake This bright green sponge is certainly eye-catching (Credit: Instagram/littleladybirdcakes)

Some say that bright green sponge isn’t necessarily the most appetising thing in the world. These people clearly don’t love football enough.

If you feel so strongly about the beautiful game that you literally want to eat it, this creation is the perfect dessert. Just don’t be too shocked when the interior looks like toxic waste.

9. We’re on the beer

Euros-themed cake decorating ideas This beer-based design incorporates several key elements of being a football fan (Credit: Instagram/littleladybirdcakes)

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past few years it’s that nothing goes together quite like football and beer. This Euros-themed cake decorating design captures this symbiosis beautifully.

While it might not be the most responsible messaging, it is certainly a fair reflection of how many of us choose to watch our national sport.

10. They think its pavlova

Euros cake design ideas This classy cake design is perfect for a special occasion (Credit: Instagram/baked_by_mags)

Not all football cakes have to be slightly gauche. In fact, you may want a slightly classier design for a special occasion. In which case, you can’t go wrong with this option.

Featuring chocolate dribbles so exquisite they’d slot seamlessly into a Lionel Messi compilation video, this cake oozes quality. If you want a Euros showstopper, here’s your super-sub.

11. Never stop dreaming

Euros cake ideas Looking for a way to make England fans shut up? Here’s your answer (Credit: Instagram/dripcakes)

Of course, it may be that despite your team’s dismal failure at the tournament, you still want to commemorate taking part. In which case, we salute your commitment.

If you’re desperate for any excuse to not talk about England, this cake may be the perfect get out of jail free card. It will certainly punctuate the 20th repeat of Three Lions.

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In the delirium of a big win, it’s understandable that baking sometimes comes quite low on people’s priorities list.

However, if you can summon up the strength to get in the kitchen, these 11 designs will certainly turn heads. Imagine how much sweeter the championship will taste if you can celebrate with a slice of something delicious.