People are making Super Bowl charcuterie boards

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The 2022 Super Bowl is upon us, and alongside the promise of some good-old fashioned footie, we all know what that means: snacks.

Yep, it’s an accepted fact that Super Bowl food is about as important as the day itself. Any self respecting football fan should have a table full of dips, chips and finger foods ready to enjoy whilst watching the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals battle it out for this year’s win.

Of course, we don’t need to tell you that laying your spread down on a table is so not a thing any more.

These days, the game day platter is somewhat of a humblebrag – a portal for which to show off your creativity, vision and artistic flair.

First, it was all about the Snackadium (a feat of culinary architecture that we’ll get onto later), but in a post-pandemic world, we’ve all got a little lazier.

So, what can we knock up that takes minimal effort whilst still looking ‘hella impressive? Behold, The Super Bowl Charcuterie Board.

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The trend has been popping up on social media in recent days, ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, with many Instagram and TikTok users moulding their meat and cheese spreads into literal works of art.

Now, the world-wide-web is awash with soccer balls made out of salami, nuts and other edible goods.

SUPERBOWL CHARCUTERIE BOARD The Super Bowl charcuterie board is a sure fire way to wow your game day guests (Credit: Instagram/ @joyesgonegrazey)

Whether you want to go classic (just your meat, fruit, nuts and cheese) or give the charcuterie board a twist, there are plenty of variations online for you to recreate.

Some people have made theirs with the addition of chopped up veg…

sueprbowl charcuterie board Anybody can give the Super Bowl charcuterie board a go! (Credit: Instagram/ @charcuterie.on.the.block)

Meanwhile others have thrown sweet treats into the mix, like strawberries and chocolate covered pretzels.

Of course, the best boards also have a strong footie link, be it a ball stencilled out of cheese or a prop that makes a nod to the sport.

super bowl charcuterie Props will take your board to another level (Credit: Instagram/ @happilyplatedllc)

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Keen to get in on the action, we asked a couple of our favourite charcuterie pros how they made their boards, and if they had any tips they could share.

One of our favourite Super Bowl charcuterie boards came from Connecticut based Instagrammer, Vicki, 35, who goes by the handle @vickis.kitchen.ct. 

“To make a football on your Super Bowl themed charcuterie board, use a soft cheese like Boursin and shape it into a football,” she says. “Cover it with pepperoni slices then use a hard cheese like cheddar cheese to cut out the “laces” for your football”.

super bowl charcuterie board Vicki’s board is made up of fruit, cheese and a few chocolatey treats, too (Credit: @vickis.kitchen.ct)

Another tip comes from Ontario based Monica, 29, who runs @coparimeats.

“Keeping it simple is key,” she adds. “a few cheeses, meats, fruits and dips will go a long way.

“Include a variety of sweet and savoury foods that will please everyone and don’t hesitate to include something out of the ordinary that will spike curiosity.”

super bowl charcuterie board This footie themed snacking tray was created by Copari Meats (Credit: Copari Meats)

This isn’t the first time we have seen people turn their food into a sporty tribute. As we mentioned earlier, the Super Bowl Charcuterie Board is basically a lazy man’s Snackadium.

Having started as little more than an internet joke over a decade ago, the Snackadium absolutely blew up around 2010, and grew more and more impressive in the years to come.

Essentially a stadium built out of finger foods, the Snackadium was a sight to behold; a mood; a moment. 

But we don’t blame you if you can’t be bothered to craft one from scratch. Hell, they’re nice to look at but they don’t half take some time.

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snackadium this morning The Snackadium was a feat of culinary architecture (Credit: ITV/ This Morning)

In our eyes, the Super Bowl Charcuterie Board is the perfect compromise.

Throwing a Super Bowl viewing party this year? Then take note…