How to apply for MasterChef 2022 – applications for series 18 are now open

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Now that MasterChef series 17 is reaching its climax, many enthusiastic amateurs are wondering how they can apply for MasterChef 2022.

Like all reality shows, booking your slot in front of John Torode and Gregg Wallace isn’t as straightforward as simply turning up.

However, if you reckon you’ve got the skills to succeed, there’s every chance that you could emulate this year’s stars.

How to apply for MasterChef 2022 Here’s how to apply for MasterChef 2022 (Credit: BBC)

How to apply for MasterChef 2022

If you’re keen to enter the world’s toughest amateur cooking competition, there are a few crucial steps.

Applications for the 2022 series are now open at the dedicated MasterChef amateurs website. The site explains all the relevant information for anyone eager to take part in the contest.

It’s important to note that MasterChef is relatively strict when it comes to who can and can’t enter. For instance, the terms and conditions state that you have to be aged over 18 and have the legal right to live and work in the UK.

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Furthermore, the competition is extremely clear about anyone who isn’t an amateur entering. As the website explains, competitors can neither have a professional qualification from the last 10 years, nor at any point derived the main source of their income from cooking or preparing food.

Once you have confirmed that none of these criteria apply, you must also provide personal contact details. After that, you’re well on your way to securing a spot on the show!

how to apply for MasterChef 2022 The application process for MasterChef 2022 isn’t totally straightforward (Credit: BBC)

What does the MasterChef application process involve?

Understandably, getting on MasterChef isn’t as simple as filling in a form online and appearing on primetime on BBC One.

Before you’re allowed on set, there’s a further vetting process to see whether your cooking really is any good.

Later stages of the application ask tough questions such as the “exact moment you fell in love with food”, as well as any personal cooking nightmares you’ve endured.

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After all the forms have been filled out, there are also phone auditions, as well as the opportunity to present your food to a panel of experts.

It’s only after you’ve jumped through all of these hoops that you might appear on the show.

Considering how many thousands of people apply every year, your chances of a successful application are pretty slim. Still, there’s no harm in having a go, especially if you fancy your chances of lifting the trophy.

Thomas Frake MasterChef Thomas Frake won last year’s final (Credit: BBC)

Do MasterChef contestants get paid?

Sadly for British competitors, the potentially lucrative rewards of a MasterChef win only emerge after the competition.

There is no salary for contestants in the UK, to the point where cooks in the opening rounds even have to bring their own ingredients. However, this isn’t necessarily the case around the world.

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For example, MasterChef contestants in America benefit from a potential $250,000 cash prize for the winner.

Things are even more financially lucrative in Australia, here competitors actually receive a small salary for their time. According to reporting by the Sydney Morning Herald, the weekly remuneration is worth about $630 AUD per week.

Obviously, the lack of tangible financial reward in the UK will disappoint some would-be contestants. However, considering the glory that’s on offer, it’s important to remember that some things are more valuable than cold hard cash.

When is the MasterChef final The final five contestants from this year’s MasterChef (Credit: BBC)

When is the MasterChef 2021 final?

This year’s MasterChef competition is coming to a close tonight.

Four cooks became three in Thursday night’s penultimate episode, before the actual final on Friday, April 9. The show will air at 8.30pm on Friday, making it half an hour earlier than usual.

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Even though it’s been an unusual competition this year, with strict social distancing limiting travel opportunities, the standard of cooking on display means that the final itself will still be a showcase event.