Game-changing McDonald’s hack to ensure your fries are hot and fresh every single time

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McDonald’s French fries might be one of the best things about the entire fast food industry, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t flawless.

Every Maccies fan knows the sinking feeling after they’ve saved themselves for a Big Mac meal, only to receive a serving of soggy, lukewarm, floppy potato sticks. If only there was a way to guarantee delicious chips every time.

Thankfully, one clever Aussie food fan might have found the ultimate McDonald’s French fry hack.

McDonald's French fry hack An Australian food blogger has figured out how to get fresh McDonald’s French fries every time (Credit: Instagram/Cakemail)

McDonald’s French fry hack

Receiving bad McDonald’s French fries can feel like a lottery. Sometimes in the same order, some chips can be beautifully crisp, while others are like eating a bath sponge.

However, according to Australian Maccies fan Jonny Massaad, there is a way to guarantee a great order every time. Massaad claims that, in order to get top-notch fries, you simply have to request your order without salt.

The theory goes that, as McDonald’s fries are typically seasoned as part of the cooking process, requesting a portion without salt means that they have to be cooked from fresh.

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To test this theory, Massaad videoed an experiment on the Cakemail Instagram. As he explained in the clip: “Another Maccas hack, order chips without salt and they’ll be fresher than the ones with salt, because they have to be made from fresh.”

Massaad then recorded the temperature of two separate orders, one with and one without. The results were pretty unequivocal.

The pre-salted fries came in with a reading of 24.3 degrees. Meanwhile, the unsalted portion measured significantly higher, at a whopping 36.9 degrees.

As a result, it’s not unreasonable to say that we now have a new way to guarantee fresh French fries from McDonald’s.

McDonald's french fries The key to fresh French fries is to order without salt (Credit: Instagram/Cakemail)

Drawbacks to the French fry hack

Clearly experiencing hot, crispy French fries significantly improves the McDonald’s experience. The possibilities haven’t been lost on excited fans.

One enthusiastic supporter wrote, “DOPE hack. I wanna go test it out (sic),” while another added, “My mind is [blown].”

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However, others have been slightly more circumspect, pointing out that there is a problem with the hack. As one astute observer put it in an Instagram comment, “Yeah but you also have to wait like 10mins for some chips soooooo… (sic)”

Despite the obvious upsides to having a fresh batch of fries, the approach certainly isn’t catch-free. Still, if you can spare a few minutes, it might well be worth it.