You can now buy Biscoff scented deodorant – because of course you can

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Lotus Biscoff may have started as little more than that mini biscuit you have with your coffee, but it’s grown into what can only be described as a global phenomenon.

Now, you can find Biscoff ice cream, Biscoff mochi balls, Biscoff lattes and even Biscoff chocolate bars with little more than a scroll of the world wide web.

But just when we thought the mania couldn’t get any greater, we came across the next Lotus Biscoff infused product, and it might surprise you…

Introducing Biscoff deodorant, because why stop at scoffing Biscoff when you can also smell like the stuff, too?!

fussy biscoff deodorant

Lotus Biscoff deodorant, anyone? (Credit: Fussy)

The deodorant comes from sustainable brand, Fussy, which sells re-fillable roll-on deodorants to subscribers online.

It’s limited edition, to celebrate the run-up to Christmas, and promises users that they’ll smell “so good it should be illegal”. Quite a claim.

The deodorant is scented with “hints of orange, cinnamon and ginger” and is “topped off with toasted vanilla and maple.”

Because they know the scent is going to be such a hit, Fussy has created a link for non-subscribers to buy it as a one-off, for £15, in one of their popular mint green cases.

lotus biscoff

Biscoff biscuits have a cult following (Credit: Alamy)

To subscribe, you can pay £13 for a case and one roll-on, and then an additional £5 every three months will be taken from your account, so that they can continue to send you refills.

You can adjust how often you want to receive refills and skip monthly deliveries and payments whenever you wish.

Other scents include eucalyptus, sage and peppermint; mandarin, grapefruit and black pepper and cotton, sandalwood and vetiver – but let’s be honest, we’re all here for the Biscoff aren’t we?

We never thought we wanted to smell like a speculoos biscuit until now…