Branstonnaise: Branston launches pickle mayonnaise

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We come baring yet more good news for pickle addicts. Branston is launching a pickle flavoured mayonnaise, and we have a funny feeling it’s about to become a lot of people’s obsession.

The condiment is being dubbed Branstonnaise, and is available in both Sainsbury’s and ASDA in the UK, now.

At a RRP of £1.99, shoppers get a choice of a jar with small chunks of pickle stirred through it, or a smooth mayo, which just offers Branston’s beloved pickley flavour.

Perfect for dolloping generously into a burger or sandwich, pimping out a grilled cheese or dunking chips into, both versions of the Branstonnaise are a must-have for any lover of all things pickle.


Branston’s pickle mayonnaise is here (Credit: New Foods UK)

After discovering the jars in their local ASDA, food blog @NewFoodsUK shared the news with their followers – and it’s safe to say they were as excited as we are.

“Heaven,” said one person as they came across the new product.

“Been putting Branston and mayo together for years so excited about this!,” wrote another.

As is always the way when pickle (or mayo) is discussed, there were some who were less keen on the idea.

“We stray further from the grace of God. He has abandoned us,” joked a fellow Instagram user.

As a fourth simply wrote: “Christ sake”.

branston pickle

Branston pickle is already a UK household favourite (Credit: Branston)

You can’t please everyone, right?

The Branstonnaise comes after several other exciting launches from Branston, including a limited edition pickle-stuffed crust at Papa John’s and even a pickle caviar. 

In other pickle related news, did we tell you about the candle now on sale from Vlasic?

The candle is actually dropping today (14th November) to mark National Pickle Day. Partnering with candle brand Candier by Ryan Porter, the 100 percent wax candle looks the spit of a jar of Vlasic Original Dill Wholes – and would ya believe, it smells like one, too?

There are many who wouldn’t be so excited about their home smelling like a jar of dill pickles, but for every naysayer, there are also pickle fanatics who’d no doubt jump at such a concept.

Intrigued? You can read more about how to cop one of the candles here.