You can now buy white strawberries with notes of vanilla

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Marks and Spencer always make sure they’re first to the mark with quirky new fruit and vegetables for customers to try.

It wasn’t long ago they launched a new fruit across their UK stores – the limelon, which was a lime, lemon hybrid.

But now they’re at it again, offering up a new variety of strawberries hitting UK supermarket shelves for the first time.

The White Pearl Strawberries are the latest drop from M&S, and they certainly look (and sound) intriguing.

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They’re otherwise known as ‘pink blushed strawberries’ and they’re basically like strawberries in reverse, with red seeds and white skin.

The strawberries also have a completely white flesh on the inside, so they really look like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and would certainly make a jazzy fruit salad or cake accompaniment.

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Whilst they’re still sweet like normal strawberries, the most special part is that they apparently smell like pineapple and also have notes of vanilla.

Dreamy or what?!

marks spencer ms white pearl strawberries

The strawberries will be for sale in Marks and Spencer food halls (Credit: Alamy)

After the supermarket shared the news of their new release on Instagram, there was certainly a big reaction.

“Oh my must get some,” said one person.

“Had them yesterday and can attest, they are very nice,” chipped in another person in the comments.

“Dyingggg to try,” said a third.

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As a fourth wrote: “Had to double check it was still January and not April 1st.”

They might seem a little odd, but there are actually tonnes of different varieties of strawberries, each with different colours and flavour profiles, nowadays.

driscoll's tropical bliss

Behold these yellow, tropical flavoured strawberries (Credit: Driscoll’s)

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You might remember we told you about US company, Driscolls, last year, who were selling yellow strawberries that also promised to taste like pineapple.

The berries were said to be “intensely sweet at first” but “balanced by a refreshing finish.”

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Driscoll’s has also previously released Rosé Strawberries, which taste like everyone’s favourite floral, fruity wine, and they also offer an uber-juicy range called Sweetest Batch Strawberries.

The best part is that despite what you might think, these colourful strawbs are made using traditional breeding methods and without any GMOs.

Here’s hoping the new product from M&S is just the start.