Psst…McDonald’s festive menu drops today

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The wait is finally over, folks. McDonald’s is dropping its Christmas menu today – and it’s a corker.

Yup, after announcing the full festive line-up a couple of weeks ago, today (23rd November) marks the day the Golden Arches are getting in the Christmas spirit.

They’ll be pulling out their 2022 winter menu for everyone to try, and this year we can expect some new hits as well as the return of *three* favourites.

If you want to soak up a Christmas hangover, the first thing we can recommend is getting down to Maccies for breakfast, as they’ve just announced the limited addition of the Mighty McMuffin to its morning menu.

mcdonalds mighty mcmuffin

Anyone for a Mighty McMuffin? (Credit: McDonald’s)

With sausage, egg, bacon, cheese and your choice of ketchup or brown sauce squeezed in between two muffin buns, you can get the menu item for just £3.99 on its own, or grab it as a meal for £5.59 any time before 11am across the UK and Ireland.

If you’re a lunch-time visitor, the Christmas menu boasts the Big Tasty – made from an 100 percent beef patty, Emmental cheese, onions, juicy tomatoes and a uniquely smoky sauce (£5.29) and optional rashers of bacon (£5.89).

Plus, you can get your hands on the McCrispy – which recently joined the McDonald’s menu as a permanent fixture – made with a chicken breast fillet fried in a crispy, crunchy coating, iceberg lettuce, black pepper mayo and a sesame topped bun.

They may not sound very Christmassy, but in the words of McDonald’s (not us), “no-one really wants a gravy-soaked chicken burger, do they?”

the big tasty and the mccrispy mcdonalds

The Big Tasty and the McCrispy also return for Christmas (Credit: McDonald’s)

Whether you agree with the above statement or not, the good news is there are some far more festive additions, too.

For one, we’ll be welcoming back the Festive Pie (£1.29), which is a classic hot crispy pie filled with mincemeat and custard. Think Maccies’ version of a mince pie.

Plus, the chain has finally listened to the nation’s desperate questioning about when those gooey cheese bites will be back at McDonald’s. A true Christmas miracle, the Cheese Melt Dippers are hitting menus once more as part of the Christmas menu – expect breaded camembert served with a tangy tomato dip. Yum.

You’ll be able to order these either as a single portion of four dippers (£2.29) or as a larger share-box (£5.99), but we won’t tell if you just eat the bigger portion yourself!

mcdonalds bans under18s

McDonald’s is getting festive (Credit: Alamy)

The McDonald’s Christmas menu is rounded off with a Celebrations McFlurry (£1.79), made with a soft dairy ice cream, Maltesers clusters, Galaxy chocolate drops, Caramel pieces, Mars Chewy pieces and Twix biscuits. Basically, all your favourite parts of the Celebrations box in one ice cream (bar the Bounty – justice for Bounty!).

The McDonald’s festive menu isn’t around for long, so we’d advise filling your festive boots whilst you can.

In fact, it’s only here for a very limited six-week run. So, how about a Maccies Christmas dinner, tonight?