Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

McDonald’s is slashing the price of its entire menu by 30% today to celebrate England vs Denmark


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

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McDonald’s is offering customers an incredible discount to celebrate England taking on Denmark in tonight’s Euros semi-final.

Available for one day only, the deal delivers 30% off the entire menu, covering everything from McMuffins to milkshakes.

England may not win tonight. However, there’s no reason why Maccies fans can’t seriously enjoy their evening – whatever the result.

McDonald's discount The 30% offer extends across the whole McDonald’s menu (Credit: Alamy/Alex Segre)

McDonald’s offers 30% off the entire menu

Following in the footsteps of similar promotions throughout England’s Euros campaign, the restaurant group is offering a massive discount across its UK stores.

As a result of the offer, customers can potentially pick up a Big Mac for as low as £2.24 – a saving of 95p compared to normal.

Similarly, items such as chicken McNuggets and breakfast McMuffins could be available for as low as £2.23 and £1.54, respectively. Whichever way you spin it, it’s a serious opportunity for Maccies fans.

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Like most good things, the deal comes with a catch. Customers can only benefit from the discount if they download the My McDonald’s app, available for download from the McDonald’s website.

In addition to providing the discount, the app also allows customers to enjoy table service in select McDonald’s restaurants.

Furthermore, drive-thru customers can use the app to provide a click and serve option, in order to minimise contact and prevent COVID transmission.

However, both of these benefits – while useful – are clearly nowhere near as exciting as a 30% discount. Bring on the double cheeseburgers and the Danes.

McDonald's The offer is available exclusively through the My McDonald’s app (Credit: McDonald’s)

Other Maccies discounts

Although the new football-centric promotion is clearly exciting, it’s by no means the only way for fans to score a freebie at McDonald’s.

For instance, a TikTok video recently went viral after a McDonald’s worker shared how to guarantee free food at the restaurant.

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As user @josephofficial_ explains, customers can claim free food by completing an online satisfaction survey. This hack, which is available in all countries, provides redeemable coupons that you can exchange for food.

In the UK, for instance, completing the Food for Thought survey provides a QR code, allowing anyone to pick up a Big Mac and fries for just £1.99.

Just in case you can’t benefit from today’s discount, it’s good to know that there are other ways to enjoy cheap food.

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