You can now buy a Terry’s Chocolate Orange with crushed mini eggs

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We love that period after Christmas when you think you’re just about done with chocolate, and then BAM, along comes all the Easter goodies.

It might only be January but we’re seeing it already. In fact, the good folks over at Carambar have only gone and brought out a brand new Terry’s Chocolate Orange (as if we didn’t scoff enough of them throughout December!).

The latest product from Terry’s sees your classic milk chocolate orange stuffed with delicious mini egg pieces, and it sounds like a literal dream.

Available at Morrisons stores, the mini egg filled chocolate oranges add an extra textural element to everyones favourite fruity chocolate.

terrys chocolate orange crushed mini eggs

I’ll take 10, please (Credit: Morrisons)

You can get the Terry’s Chocolate Oranges with crushed mini eggs for £1.50 in store or online, but they’re super limited edition at the moment, so we’d suggest filling your boots whilst you can.

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When the chocolate was first spotted by food blogger @NewFoodsUK it was an instant hit online.

“The actual dream,” gushed one as they came across it.

As another wrote: “I NEED TO FIND THIS.”

“This is a bit of you,” said a third person to their pal as they stumbled across the Instagram post.

Meanwhile, a fourth was also impressed, writing: “Heaven.”

The new product comes at a peak time for Terry’s Chocolate Orange, as the brand recently went viral on TikTok when people from different countries begun to discover the popular snack.

It all started after user Jazz Thornton, who is from New Zealand, filmed herself trying various UK staples, like Terry’s chocolate orange and Yorkshire Tea.

But when she tried the former for the first time, it’s safe to say she got the wrong idea about how you’re meant to eat it.


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In the TikTok clip, Jazz could be seen unwrapping the chocolate orange before trying to prize apart a segment.

“My friend from England brought me back this Terry’s Orange thing and I just unboxed it earlier and everyone was like, ‘You must try it!’,” she said.

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“I’ve never had it before. It’s quite heavy, I thought it would be like a shell.

“How do you…how does one…oh it’s like little orange slices!”

Unaware of the whacking technique, when Jazz couldn’t free a segment of the orange, she assumed she was meant to bite it like an apple.

What followed next was TV shows around the world trying their hand at unwrapping a breaking a chocolate orange.

And believe it or not, the vast majority of people seemed to really struggle with it. You can watch a TV presenter whacking herself on the head with one here – thank us later.