Who is Romy Gill and where can I find the Ready Steady Cook chef’s recipes?

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With the revamped series of Ready Steady Cook well under way, fans across the country are trying to learn everything they can about the cast of cooks. Naturally, chef Romy Gill is no exception.

As it turns out, there’s much more to Gill’s career than competing green peppers and red tomatoes. Here’s everything you need to know about the MBE-winning chef and her incredible backstory.

Romy Gill MBE Romy Gill has won an MBE for her services to hospitality (Credit: BBC)

Who is Romy Gill?

After growing up in West Bengal, India, Gill moved to the UK in 1993.

Originally, she only cooked for friends and family, hosting increasingly popular dinner parties at her home. She then graduated to produce her own line of chutneys and pickles, before giving cookery demonstrations around the UK and abroad.

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Eventually, she opened her first restaurant in 2013, and was awarded with an MBE in 2016 for her service to the hospitality industry.

Gill has a unique style of cooking, which sees her combine British ingredients with Indian technique and spicing. It’s this blend that has seen her become such a star in the industry.

As well as her role on Ready Steady Cook, Gill is a regular contributor to food magazines such as Olive and Saveur, and has even been a judge on MasterChef.

With such a varied CV, she looks set to be a star in the industry for years to come.

Romy Gill Ready Steady Cook Romy Gill joined the Ready Steady Cook team for the revamp (Credit: BBC)

How much does Romy Gill make on Ready Steady Cook?

The chef’s salaries on Ready Steady Cook are currently unknown. At the moment, the BBC has not released details on what both the cooks and presenter Rylan Clarke-Neal make from the show.

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However, Ready Steady Cook is certainly not Gill’s only source of income. As a successful chef, writer and presenter in her own right, she certainly has many strings to her bow.

According to the website celebsagewiki, her various interests mean that Gill has a net worth of somewhere between $1 and $5 million.

That’s certainly nothing to be sniffed at, whatever her Ready Steady Cook salary might be.

Romy Gill cooking Romy Gill on Ready Steady Cook (Credit: BBC)

Does Romy Gill have a cookbook?

In addition to her TV work, Gill has recently released her first cookbook.

Titled Zaika: Vegan Recipes From India, the book features over 100 completely plant-based recipes inspired by the Indian food of her upbringing.

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The name Zaika refers to the unique flavours of cooking. In this context, Gill combines many traditional tastes and applies them to plant-based recipes.

The book itself can be purchased at retailers such as Waterstones, or online at Amazon, where it has a 4.7 out of 5 rating.

Where can I find Romy Gill’s recipes?

Although she released her first book in 2019, there are plenty of other places to find Romy Gill’s recipes.

Gill is a regular contributor to a range of publications – both as a food writer and recipe creator. Her recipes can be found everywhere from The Guardian to The New York Times, as well as shows including The Hairy Bikers and Saturday Morning with James Martin.

In addition, Gill also dedicates a section of her website to recipe writing. This includes entries such as lentil daal with wild garlic and aloo paratha, as well as many others.

Fans can also find the chef’s recipes on the BBC Food website, where there is a limited collection.

Romy Gill kitchen Romy Gill closed her restaurant in 2019 (Credit: Alamy/tony french)

Does Romy Gill have a restaurant?

Romy Gill opened her first restaurant, Romy’s Kitchen, in 2013.

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Despite winning many accolades, the restaurant sadly closed its doors in 2019. In a post on social media at the time, Gill confirmed:

“Yes I have closed the restaurant, but for good reasons. It was time and I have had wonderful 6 years and now I have many more amazing opportunities ahead of me.

“Also, to clarify it’s nothing to do with recession, I just want to open somewhere else and people should respect that! I couldn’t have achieved anything today if I didn’t have opened Romy’s Kitchen.

“So, thank you everyone specially to my staff who have immensely supported me.

“And my adventures have only just begun. I can’t wait to share new challenges and ventures with you all.”

No doubt plenty of fans will be eagerly waiting to see if and when she opens up another restaurant in the future.