Brooklyn Beckham mocked for blow-torching grilled cheese sandwich

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Brooklyn Beckham’s cooking show has always been a talking point, and not always for the best reasons.

David Beckham’s son has found himself the victim of some cruel trolling since he started his latest venture as a chef, and his latest video is no different.

The 24-year-old took on an American grilled cheese sandwich for his latest clip, but whilst many of us might see that as a rather easy recipe, Brooklyn has a unique approach.

As well as using eight ingredients in his grilled cheese, Brooklyn also whacked out a blow torch to finish off the sarnie. As you do, right?!

You can watch the clip below: 


He stuffed his grilled cheese with sautéed mushrooms, onions, mayo and a few bouji ingredients like avocado oil and truffle salt. 

The sarnie was fried off on a pan with a hefty amount of cheese, then Brooklyn cut it in half and finished it with a blow-torch.

Because we all have one of those at home, right?!

“So extra for a sandwich,” said one person in the comments.

Whilst another wrote: “Please tell me this is satire.”

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brooklyn beckham blow torch grilled cheese cooking show

Brooklyn Beckham’s blow torched grilled cheese in action (Credit: Instagram/ Brooklyn Beckham)

“Blowtorching pieces of toast. So unnecessary,” commented a third.

“Did my man just blowtorch a cheese toastie,” penned someone else.

Whilst others rushed to defend him, with one writing: “FFS leave him alone. Stop watching if you’re not happy…”

brooklyn beckham blow torch grilled cheese cooking show

Don’t pretend you wouldn’t scoff this too (Credit: Instagam/ Brooklyn Beckham)

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This isn’t the first time Brooklyn’s cooking videos have come under fire, as he has previously faced criticism for the way he cooked a roast and even been accused of messing up the likes of a fish finger sandwich.

It goes without saying that food is always going to be subjective, and you’re not going to please everyone with it.

But recently, his mum Victoria Beckham even decided to speak out about the backlash he was receiving, taking to Instagram to show her support for her son.

After people said Brooklyn hadn’t cooked his beef well enough, Victoria quipped: “It’s rare people not raw.”

Brooklyn has spoken out about criticism of his career  in the past, telling Variety,: “I always wish them well, the haters. I’m just doing what I love doing, staying healthy, being happy, and that’s what it is.”

victoria beckham brooklyn beckham cooking show

Victoria laid down the law (Credit: Instagram/ Victoria Beckham)

He added: “I hope they like my next video.”

Of course, it’s not hard to see why the celeb offspring’s cooking ambitions have often been met with raised eyebrows and a pinch of distain.

Like many of us, Brooklyn fell in love with food when in lockdown with wife Nicola Peltz, and proceeded to share a plethora of cooking reels on his Instagram and TikTok, knocking up mostly simple recipes, like a bacon, egg and sausage sandwich and french toast.

But unlike fellow food lovers, he went on to reportedly throw the big bucks at his new career, learning to cook everything from breakfast bagels to sushi, in high production cooking show episodes which aired across social media.

According to the New York Times, each eight minute episode of his show costs $1000,000 (£73,000), and has a team of 62, including a culinary producer, who approves all the recipes.

There’s no denying Brooklyn’s privilege opens him up to criticism, but we’d still eat his grilled cheese… blow torched or not!