People can’t believe the food prices at Coachella

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Coachella festival is currently in full swing, and people have forked out some serious money to be in the crowd.

But it turns out there was another investment those attending the California music festival need to consider – the price of food and drink.

In a now viral post on TikTok, one attendee has shared her experiences, and it gives you an idea of just how eye-watering some of the meals on offer are.

Watch the clip below: 


the shittiest part of coachella 🙃😵‍💫

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“The sh*ttest part of Coachella,” user Jackie Tanti wrote under the post, in which she told followers: “Just so you all know, these two coffees and two burritos cost us $64.

“Capitalism really popped off today.”

In case you were wondering, that’s around £51. We’ll let that sink in…

Jackie did add that the burritos were “pretty good” – but we’re not sure we’d pay 50 quid for a couple of hot drinks and the best burritos in the world.

coachella festival food and drink prices

Coachella attendees are paying a pretty penny for food this year (Credit: Alamy)

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Reacting to the video, people couldn’t quite believe what they were hearing.

“So like $20 (£16.18) for the burrito and $12 (£9.71) for the coffee? That’s UNHINGED,” said one.

Whilst another joked: “Scamchella.”


coachella festival food and drink prices

How much is too much for a burrito? (Credit: Unsplash)

Several other Coachella festival goers shared their own stories, too.

“I bought 2 [seltzers] & a soft pretzel & it was almost $70 (£56.60) so yeah sounds ab right (sic),” said a fellow attendee.

Whilst another wrote: “I got 2 lemonades yesterday, $32 (£25.89) bucks with a giant ass half-lemon in it taking up 20 percent volume.”

Music blog, Groove Cartel, also gives an idea of how much other food costs at the music festival.

coachella festival food and drink prices

The prices of Coachella food and drink aren’t cheap this year (Credit: Alamy)

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It states that a fried chicken sandwich will set punters back around $17 (£13.74), whilst smaller sides like onion rings or fries cost anywhere from $12 to $14 (£9.70 to £11.32) a pop.

Pizza slices start at $11 (£8.89) each, too – yes, we did say slices.

And as for drinks? A vodka Red Bull will set you back $20 (£16.17) a drink.

Tickets to Coachella weekend two already cost $549 (£441) each if you’re going for general admission, with VIP tickets reaching dizzying heights of $1,069 (£860).

Better get saving if you wanna go next year, ey?