The official Twisted Eurovision drinking game

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A Eurovision drinking game that gets you ceremonially wasted is a highlight that comes around every May.

The glorious annual gala of terrible songwriting, spectacular outfits and questionable voting simply isn’t the same without large quantities of booze.

Since there aren’t many better combinations than Eurovision and alcohol, we’ve decided to do what we can to make everyone’s night as merry as possible.

Eurovision drinking game The Twisted Eurovision drinking game is here to make your evening even more spectacular (Credit: Alamy/ITAR-TASS News Agency)

Twisted’s official Eurovision drinking game

While watching on with a glass of bubbly is always enjoyable, we find it’s better to enjoy Eurovision with a slight sense of jeopardy. After all, it’s all well and good laughing at an overzealous lyricist – it’s a totally different ball game when their pen could cost you a shot of vodka.

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To make your night as memorable/forgettable as possible, we’ve prepared the following rules for an epic Eurovision drinking game.

It may be possible to stick strictly to the guidelines. However, we recommend in the interests of both enjoying the show and your own physical wellbeing that you take them with a pinch of salt.

So, fellow Eurovision fans – buckle up. It could be a bumpy night.

Eurovision drinking game Eurovision is famous for its over-the-top performances (Credit: Alamy/dpa picture alliance archive)

Down one shot if…

  • Feathers or sequins feature in any part of a performance. Two fingers if both appear.
  • A singer mentions “love” in any language.
  • A string instrument appears on stage. Drink double if it’s a violin.
  • A singer sings for a prolonged period with their eyes closed.
  • A singer stares into the camera for more than five seconds.
  • “Traditional” outfits feature in a performance.
  • Drink one shot per key change during a performance. Double if said key change is involuntary.
  • One shot for each language used in a song.
  • One shot per item of clothing removed during a song. For backing dancers, count the collective rather than each individual. This has the potential to get messy.

Eurovision violin Violin’s are a prominent part of Eurovision (Credit: Alamy/Reuters)

Down two shots if…

  • Fake weather appears on stage. Whether this includes wind is at your discretion.
  • Anything gets set on fire. Double if it’s a performer.
  • Anyone mentions ABBA. Or Waterloo.
  • A traditional custom forms a key part of the performance, for instance, Polish butter-churning.
  • A performance drifts into “needlessly erotic” territory, for instance, Polish butter-churning.
  • Drums are beaten aggressively. Double if the beater is topless.
  • You cannot identify one or more of the instruments involved.
  • A duet includes an intimate moment.

Eurovision UK The UK doesn’t have a great recent record in the competition (Credit: Alamy/PA Images)

Down your whole drink if…

  • The UK gets 12 points
  • A contestant cries

Drink everything in the house if…

  • The UK wins

If history is anything to go by, the likelihood of any UK-related drinking punishments is extremely remote. However, you never know when we might break our 24-year duck with another certified banger.

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Still, if you plan on strictly following these rules, it might be best if that doesn’t happen this year.

Eurovision drinking competition This year’s competition will take place in Rotterdam (Credit: Alamy/SOPA Images Limited)

When is Eurovision 2021?

After a week of semi-finals and build-up, the grand final will take place on Saturday, May 22nd.

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In the UK, the show will be broadcast on BBC One from 8pm through to 11.45pm, although there’s every chance the show could run a little later.

Viewers can also tune in to a live broadcast on the official Eurovision YouTube channel.

Italy Eurovision 2021 Italy are the favourites for this year’s competition (Credit: Alamy/ITAR-TASS News Agency)

Who is the favourite to win Eurovision 2021?

According to aggregated information from bookmakers gathered on the official Eurovision website, Italy is the favourite for this year’s crown.

Bookies including Bet365 and UNIbet place the entry narrowly above the likes of France and Malta.

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The UK, meanwhile, is currently languishing in lowly 22nd, with a less than 1% chance of winning, according to the experts.

Still, we should never say never. Maybe all the performance needs is an extra topless drummer or unidentified string instrument.