Where is Noel Fielding? Celebrity Bake Off presenter’s mysterious absence explained

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Noel Fielding has been a key ingredient in the Great British Bake Off recipe for as long as it’s been on Channel 4.

However, as fans settle down to watch the 2021 Celebrity spin-off, the comedian and actor is conspicuous by his absence.

Fans across the country are asking themselves where is Noel Fielding and wondering when he might return.

Here’s everything you need to know about the absent host.

Where is Noel Fielding Fielding with partner Lliana Bird (Credit: Alamy/CurleyPAP)

Where is Noel Fielding?

In the opening episode of the new Celebrity Bake Off series, co-host Matt Lucas reveals that Fielding will not appear for the first few episodes. As Lucas explains, this is due to the birth of Fielding’s new baby.

In the show, Lucas reveals that: “Noel has recently become a father again, so it’s just going to be me for the next few episodes.”

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He goes on to add that he is “…a little bit upset that he didn’t have the baby with me, but that’s my issue… that’s something I’m working through.”

Fielding has two daughters with his partner. The eldest, Dali, was born in 2018 and named after the surrealist painter Salvador Dali. The youngest, Iggy, arrived in October 2020 during filming for the Celebrity Bake Off series.

Although it’s unclear at exactly what point Fielding will return to the show, the opening episode leads us to believe that his absence is short-lived. We will update you when we know more.

Noel Fielding Lliana Bird Fielding and Bird have been together for over 10 years (Credit: Alamy/Stills Press)

Who is Noel Fielding’s wife?

Although Fielding is not married, has has been dating his partner Lliana Bird for over 10 years.

Marie Claire reports the couple first got together during Fielding’s days as part of the Mighty Boosh comedy duo.

Bird appeared in several episodes of the cult BBC Three show, before going on to have a successful TV and radio career.

She is currently host of a popular show on alternative music station Radio X. Bird also appears regularly on stations including LBC and Radio 5 Live.

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Although the 39-year-old has been with Fielding for over a decade, the couple are notoriously coy about their private life. The two rarely appear on social media posts together, for instance.

In fact, the couple’s children are hardly ever seen on any channels, with both Bird and Fielding preferring to keep them out of the public eye.

Noel Fielding Bake Off Fielding has presented the show since the move to Channel 4 (Credit: Alamy/Everett Collection Inc)

Will Noel Fielding return to Celebrity Bake Off later this series?

Although his absence is keenly felt – especially by Lucas – all the signs indicate that Fielding will indeed appear later in the series.

Towards the end of the first episode, as Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood are coming to a consensus over the overall winner, Lucas gestures an empty chair in the tent.

He goes on to say, “Now, I know you’ve never been to the theatre in your life Paul, but there’s a song in Les Miserables called ‘Empty Chairs and Empty Tables’.

“We don’t have an empty table, but we do have an empty chair – how are you coping without Noel, guys?”

In typically cynical fashion, Hollywood promptly replies, “Noel, who?”

However, despite the banter, it looks like Fielding will be returning to the tent in the future.

Fielding Bake Off Fielding will not feature until later in this years show Credit: Channel 4)

When is Celebrity Bake Off on?

The new series of the annual spin-off airs every Tuesday night for the next five weeks.

Each episode will feature four famous faces, each trying to impress the judges with their baking. Fans can enjoy the show on Channel 4 at 8 o’clock, as well as via the channel’s on-demand streaming service.

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Many commentators have claimed that this year’s line-up could be the best ever. Stars such as Daisy Ridley and James McAvoy will be gracing the tent in order to lend their support to the Stand Up To Cancer initiative.

This year will mark the fourth Stand Up To Cancer Bake Off. The initiative has raised millions of pounds for cancer research and support since 2018.