Starry Night Strawberry Negroni Recipe

We’ve teamed up with Hendricks luna gin to create this strawberry infused negroni recipe. Deliciously sweet and bitter in equal amounts. Find out how to make this gorgeous cocktail below.

Done in 30 minutes

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In honour of the Lunar calendar, Twisted have teamed up with Hendrick’s Lunar Gin to bring you eight delectable cocktails inspired by the eight different lunar phases. The first cocktail of the series, the Starry Night Strawberry Negroni, was inspired by the Waning Crescent phase, a period for self-care and relaxation. This cocktail on the rocks is a real crowd-pleaser, you surely wouldn’t want to miss out (it’s utterly delicious!)


First up, grind the peppercorns roughly & add into a small bowl. 

Slice 3 of your strawberries & add to the peppercorns.

Add 100ml of Campari and give it a stir. 

Let infuse for 1-2 hours.

Add 2 scoops of ice to a glass mixing jug

Pour in 25ml of Hendrick’s Lunar Gin

Add 25ml of strawberry and black peppercorn-infused Campari

Add 25ml of sweet vermouth

Stir together & you’re ready to pour. 

Add one block ice cube to a glass & pour in your Starry Night Negroni

Add a slice of strawberry to garnish.

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Hugh Woodward

Hugh Woodward

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