What is Dhruv Baker doing now? MasterChef 2010 winner and best-selling cookbook author

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Dhruv Baker emerged from relative obscurity to win MasterChef series six back in 2010. Born in Mexico to an Indian mother and English father, his food drew on his heritage in a unique and fascinating style.

It’s no wonder that the judges marked him out as one to watch right from the off.

As Baker returns to guest judge MasterChef kitchen this week, we take a look back at his career since leaving the show. For curious fans who want to know what’s possible after lifting the coveted trophy, here’s everything you need to know about Dhruv Baker.

Dhruv Baker MasterChef Dhruv Baker was 34 when he won the MasterChef title (Credit: Alamy/PA Images)

What is Dhruv Baker doing now?

Since winning MasterChef, Dhruv Baker has enjoyed an eclectic career in food.

Not only has the talented chef opened his own restaurant, but he has also worked across food media. This includes regular appearances on Waitrose TV, as well as articles in a range of food magazines.

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According to his bio on the illustrious past MasterChef winners BBC page, Baker is a “regular contributor for numerous publications and a brand consultant”.

In addition to his career as a successful restaurateur, he is proof that success in MasterChef can lead to big things in the industry.

Dhruv Baker MasterChef Dhruv Baker has since opened a gastropub (Credit: BBC)

Does Dhruv Baker have a restaurant?

Dhruv Baker became chef-proprietor of The Jolly Gardeners gastropub in 2014.

The restaurant, situated in Earlsfield, specialises in modern European cuisine, served in laid-back, fuss-free surroundings.

Baker’s foray into the restaurant industry seems to be pretty solid. The restaurant has a respectable 4.5 out of 5 rating on TripAdvisor, for instance.

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It was also positively received by Time Out, which described the menu as “mostly cracking East-meets-West fusion dishes”.

While succeeding in the British restaurant industry is never easy, so far Baker seems to have the situation in hand.

Baker pop-up Baker in the MasterChef pop-up kitchen in 2010 (Credit: Alamy/PA Images)

Where can I find Dhruv Baker’s recipes?

Dhruv Baker regularly contributes recipes to several prominent food publications, including Sainsbury’s and Waitrose magazines.

Many can be actually be found for free on the online versions of the print publications. There are also a handful of Dhruv Baker’s recipes available on the BBC Food website.

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However, since he is such a regular contributor to many food publications, there is rarely a shortage of Dhruv Baker recipes around. You just have to do a bit of digging.

How many cookbooks does Dhruv Baker have?

Dhruv Baker published his first cookbook in 2014.

The book, Spice: Layers of Falvour, won praise from several prominent figures in the food industry. For instance, Nigella Lawson said: “This book is, for me, a must-have and it gives me great pleasure to introduce it to you.

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“I’ve chosen a recipe that highlights one of my favourite spices – cumin – in the form of Cheese and Cumin Croquettes, but there is plenty, plenty more in this book to get the taste buds tingling.”

As many chefs will confirm, such a positive response is not easy to come by.

Dhruv Baker family Baker with his wife Aileen and son Arun (Credit: Alamy/Matt Crossick)

Is Dhruv Baker married and does he have a family?

As well as his successful career in the kitchen, Dhruv Baker is also a happily married father.

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In fact, during his successful route to the MasterChef title, Baker credited his Scottish wife Aileen with his success. As he explained in an interview at the time:

“Everything I have done so far is down to Aileen. Even though she was looking after Arun and had her own job to go to while I was away filming, she would stay up all night helping me plan recipes and tasting things.

“She was amazing, I couldn’t have made it this far without her. We’d argue about the dishes, but she was always right.”

Dhruv Baker MasterChef Dhruv Baker in the 2010 MasterChef final (Credit: BBC)

What did Dhruv Baker do before winning MasterChef?

Dhruv Baker’s MasterChef success marked a dramatic turning point in his career.

Before winning the show, he actually worked as a media sales manager in London. Prior to that, he had successfully completed a Business Studies and Spanish degree at the University of Birmingham.

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However, despite his business background, it’s clear that Baker’s true passion lay in the kitchen. Even before the 2010 final, his wife Aileen confessed that the couple had always hoped to open a restaurant in London or Glasgow.

It just goes to show that dreams sometimes do come true.