McDonald’s is slashing the price of its entire menu today to celebrate England’s Euro 2020 performance

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McDonald’s is entering the Euros spirit in a big way today, offering a massive discount across its entire menu.

To celebrate England’s success in reaching the knockout stages, the fast food franchise is delivering a price reduction on all items.

For anyone needing to nervously eat their way through the Three Lions’ showdown with Germany tonight (June 29), this news couldn’t have come at a better time.

McDonald's Euros discount The McDonald’s Euros discount offers 16% off the whole menu (Credit: Alamy/Mark Pain)

McDonald’s Euros discount

Until close of play today, McDonald’s is offering 16% off its entire menu. This means that all breakfast lunch and dinner items are even more affordable, nationwide.

The new offer is available exclusively through the app, so don’t expect to just turn up to a Maccies and receive a £4.35 Big Mac meal.

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However, the offer is available across the country, so as long as you order online, you can still benefit.

The My McDonald’s app is completely free to download, meaning there’s no excuse not to participate. The service also includes information on loads of other great Maccies deals and discounts.

However, with the last 16 of the Euros looming large, this latest offer is easily the most exciting thing on the discount menu. Here’s hoping it ends up being the cherry on top of a tasty footy cake.

McDonald's meals The offer extends across the entire McDonald’s menu (Credit: Alamy/Fir Mamat)

Other Euros discounts

McDonald’s isn’t the only fast food heavyweight taking advantage of the Euros buzz. In fact, almost all of the major players are offering some sort of promotion as the tournament continues.

For instance, Greggs is offering customers free sausage rolls for every goal scored at Wembley in a joint promotion with Just Eat.

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Similarly, Pizza Hut’s Legend’s Bundle not only provides food but also the chance to meet an England hero. For £28.99, you get two large pizzas, two classic sides, a dessert and a 1.5-litre drink, plus the chance to meet England great Alan Shearer.

Obviously, when the full-time whistle blows this evening – whatever the outcome – food discounts will be the furthest thing from our minds. Still, it’s good to know that we’ll be able to celebrate or commiserate in style.