Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Vegan only dating apps exist – and people are seriously divided


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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It’s common-sense that when dating we’re looking for someone who is likeminded, whether that means they have similar political views, enjoy the same hobbies or like the same TV shows.

But would you restrict who you’re dating by their dietary requirements? It seems the jury is still out.

Vegan dating apps are back on the nation’s lips again of late, with more and more plant-based eaters choosing to cut out all carnivores from their dating pool in a bid to find somebody who they can share McPlants and Mildred’s with.

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How important are your partner’s eating habits? (Credit: Pexels)

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The idea seems a sensible one – filter out those with different values to you. However, it seems that some of the public (both meat eaters and vegans alike) are yet to get on board with the idea…

One of the biggest vegan dating apps on the market right now is Grazer, which launched in 2017.

While it’s by no means new, it’s had a bit of surge in popularity of late, according to its CMO and founder, Charlotte Elizabeth.

She tells Twisted: “The movement is growing rapidly worldwide and Gen Z are the most plant-based generation ever. 35 per cent of them in Europe are actively seeking a vegan partner.


Vegan dating apps are back with a bang this Veganuary (Credit: Unsplash)

“We also have a friend-finding feature which 20 per cent of our users use, so it’s also the perfect time to find vegan friends too.

“We’ve seen that there’s a real need for plant-based connection and we’re here to provide that!”

This may be true, but what are people saying about the app online?

A cursory scroll and it’s clear that whilst vegan dating seems logical to some, others find the whole concept confusing and even laughable…

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There’s similar criticism of Veggly, which launched in 2018, not long after Grazer, and is now the UK’s largest vegetarian and vegan dating app (yes, there’s a list).

And we get it, really we do. It’s almost for certain that some of the dating profiles contain cringeworthy odes to nutritional yeast, avocados and Deliciously Ella.

But according to Grazer’s co-CEO, Lewis Foster. the truth of the matter is that the app is posing a genuine solution for those who think that finding a fellow vegan is a deal-breaker (that’s a rather sizeable 52 per cent of vegans and 39 per cent of vegetarians, apparently).

“I’ve been vegan for a long time, 11 years, and as part of the vegan community myself, I’ve witnessed and experienced how hard it can be to find a vegan partner,” he says.

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Grazer’s aim is to bring vegans together (Credit: Grazer)

“We’re creating Grazer to provide a solution for this community we love.

“The movement is growing but the problem of finding a vegan partner still remains. In the UK, around 3 per cent of the population are currently vegan.

“So if dating a meat-eater is a dealbreaker you’re already at a massive disadvantage.”

Of course, there are people that sneer at this sort of argument.

As one person wrote on Twitter: “It’s like having a dating app for people who like Hawaiian pizza”.

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But to the nay-sayers, Lewis adds: “Veganism is a lifestyle, not just a diet, so it can cause friction in relationships with non-vegans.

“We know that 41 per cent of online daters are put off when someone mentions that they’re vegan on their profile. So it can really be a deal breaker.

“When co-founder Charlotte first went vegan she was actually dating a livestock farmer. Eventually, the differences in lifestyle became too big to overlook.

“Problems like this are why we’re creating a space where plant-based comes as standard not a surprise!”

Only you can decide if vegan dating apps are for you or not. In the meantime we wouldn’t mind a dating app to filter out Hawaiian pizza lovers, too.

After all, anybody who likes pineapple as a topping clearly has no taste. Next, please!

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