Why did Adam Richman leave Man v. Food? Casey Webb is the new host

26 Mar 2021



Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Adam Richman decided to leave Man v. Food in 2021 – and fans were gutted. At the time, there were a lot of rumours about the reason around his shock departure.

In fact, unhappy audience members have come up with many theories as to why Richman quit the show, ranging from illness to death. In fact, the real reason why someone else has taken over one of TV’s most iconic food gigs is a whole lot more complicated.

So why did Adam Richman leave Man v. Food?

Here’s everything you need to know…

Adam Richman Fans were gutted when Adam Richman decided to leave Man v. Food (Credit: Food Network)

Why did Adam Richman leave Man v. Food?

From the outside, you could be forgiven for thinking that the Man v. Food host has arguably the best job in showbiz. Afterall, who wouldn’t relish the chance to spend their Monday drooling over beef brisket and pizza?

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However, it has since become clear that behind the scenes, Richman’s years of extraordinary eating began to take their toll.

According to a 2013 report by Yahoo News, the relentless nature of the show had caused him to become depressed about his weight. This in turn motivated him to make a radical lifestyle change, swapping out the high-calorie challenges for a more balanced diet.

But, despite his sudden departure, Richman has been eager to put to bed some of the more malicious rumours around the end of his time on the show.

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For instance, in a 2016 interview with the BBC, the erstwhile host rubbished claims that he had been forced to quit due to health concerns. As he explained it:

“…the rumours about health concerns stopping the show are untrue.

“It was completely fictional. After 59 challenges. You have that sort of percentage of sick people who almost wanted to believe that [illness] happened to me.”

In fact, Richman was more motivated by his desire to do other programming than being forced out. As he revealed to the BBC: “I just wanted to do off the grid restaurants, to showcase the amazing BBQ scene here [in the UK] and to find the best sandwich in America and so on.”

Clearly, no one can eat giant burgers forever.

Adam Richman Man v. Food Adam Richman has changed his lifestyle significantly from his Man v. Food days (Credit: Alamy/Cpuk)

Has Man v. Food been cancelled?

However, despite Richman’s departure, the iconic eating extravaganza shows no signs of slowing down.

After a slight change of format with the more communal Man v. Food Nation in 2011, the show has since gone back to its roots. Even without Richman on-side, watching a man eat a mountain of food remains as compelling as ever.

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With a new host at the helm, the crew have continued to showcase America’s most OTT eating locations. In fact, the show recently aired its eighth season, having found a new home on the Cooking Channel.

What happened to Adam RIchamn (Credit: Food Network) Adam Richman became a legend in the food world after his stint on Man v. Food (Credit: Food Network)

Who is the new Man v. Food host?

The man responsible for continuing the fight against food is restaurant business veteran Casey Webb.

An actor with experience at every level of the food industry, Webb’s appointment was incredibly serendipitous. In fact, when it came to auditions, he wasn’t even sure exactly what it was he was trying out for.

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According to a report by Mashed, Webb’s agent approached him for an unnamed hosting gig. Webb later explained:

“I was like ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’ As an actor, I feel like you’re never in a position to give up an audition because you might not ever get another one.

“Physically, I turned the page on the contract, and the second page said Man v. Food.”

The rest is delicious history.

Casey Webb Man v. Food Casey Webb is the new host of Man v. Food (Credit: Food Network)

Has Casey from Man v. Food ever won?

Clearly, following in the footsteps of Adam Richman is no easy task. However, despite the challenge of filling some supersized shoes, Webb has done a decent job of fighting the good fight.

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His win ratio remains surprisingly strong, clocking up an impressive 37 victories out of 70 challenges, spanning restaurants across the United States.

He may not yet be a household name, but if his record is anything to go by, the future of Man v. Food is in good hands.


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