Where did Liam Charles come in Bake Off and is he married?

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As fans settle in to enjoy a repeat of the classic 2017 series, plenty are trying to remind themselves where Liam Charles came in Bake Off.

Since his appearance, the charismatic baking prodigy has gone on to enjoy an incredible career in food and TV.

This is made all the more remarkable, considering he didn’t actually manage to win.

Still, as anyone who tuned in to Bake Off 2017 will agree, it was obvious from the get-go that Liam Charles was destined for big things.

Liam Charles Liam Charles is now a presenter on Junior Bake Off (Credit: Alamy/PA Images)

Where did Liam Charles come in Bake Off?

Despite consistently strong performances throughout the show, Liam Charles left the show after episode eight.

Falling just short of the semi-finals, Charles came unstuck trying to a cook a tricky Cumberland Rum Nicky technical.

Given his popularity throughout the series, fans were understandably sad to see him go. However, the then-19-year-old had made a real name for himself during his time on the show.

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Judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith were particularly impressed with his 6th round pastries, including an epic Sunday dinner pie.

He might not have won the title, but Liam Charles certainly left a lasting impression on Bake Off fans everywhere.

Liam Charles Bake Off Liam Charles competing back in 2017 (Credit: Alamy/Everett Collection Ltd)

Who won Bake Off Season 8?

Despite Liam Charles’ best efforts, the 2017 Great British Bake Off title actually went to Sophie Faldo.

The then-33-year-old former army officer and stunt woman seemed an unlikely winner to some, as she remained consistently mid-table throughout the show’s opening weeks.

However, at the business end of the competition, Faldo really came into her own, winning two Star Baker awards, as well as the coveted title itself.

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Given her increasingly impressive performances, many people assumed Faldo was the favourite heading into the final.

However, all pretense of suspense was ruined when Prue Leith accidentally confirmed Faldo’s victory via tweet.

It’s hard to imagine a more emphatic victory in Bake Off history than one that was mistakenly announced half a day early.

what happened to Sophie Faldo Liam Charles lost out on winning Bake Off to Sophie Faldo in season 8 (Credit: channel 4)

What is Liam Charles doing now?

You could argue that since leaving Bake Off, Liam Charles has had one of the most impressive careers of any previous competitor.

Currently, Charles works as one of the presenters on the popular spin-off series Bake Off: The Professionals.

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In addition, he is one of two main judges on the Junior Bake Off competition, alongside chef Ravneet Gill.

He has also fronted his own show, known as Liam Bakes, for Channel 4. Given his age and success to date, Charles looks certain to be a household name on food TV for some time yet.

Junior Bake Off judges Liam Charles is one of the Junior Bake Off judges alongside Ravneet Gill (Credit: Channel 4)

Is Liam Charles married?

Although Liam remains fairly tight-lipped about his private life, he has let a few details slip over the years.

For instance, back in 2020, he shared a snap of himself and his then-partner Alexis. Charles captioned the intimate photo: “And the rest was history. This big headed person is the sole reason why I keep going to LA.”

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Although his current relationship status is unclear, fans can expect to see updates on social media, if they keep their ears to the ground.

Liam Charles Liam Charles often appears in videos with his mum (Credit: Alamy)

How many siblings does Liam Charles have?

Liam Charles’ siblings do not regularly feature on the star’s social media platforms. In fact, it is unclear exactly how many siblings he has from his activity.

However, during lockdown, Charles hasn’t been shy about getting his family involved in content creation. For instance, during his time as a competitor on Bake Off, Charles revealed that he loved cooking for his young nephews.

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In fact, Charles’s mother has joined him several times on camera, testing out several of his more unusual recipes.

One particularly memorable video features Charles and his mum testing out a recipe for scones. Judging by her reaction, she is a big fan of her son’s cooking.

Liam Charles Bake Off (Credit: Channel 4) Liam Charles finished in fifth place in the 2017 series of Bake Off (Credit: Channel 4)

How much is Liam Charles worth?

Estimates on Liam Charles’ current net worth vary enormously according to different sources.

For instance, All Star Bio claims that the talented baker is currently worth around $100,000. By contrast, Buzzlearn estimates that Charles is actually worth anywhere between $1 and $5 million – quite a significant disparity.

Either way, as he continues to build his career, Charles income only looks set to increase.

Liam Charles Bake Off (Credit: Channel 4) Liam Charles has written two cookbooks (Credit: Channel 4)

Does Liam Charles have a cookbook?

As well as being a prolific presenter and social media content creator, Charles has already written and published two cookbooks.

Critics received his first book, Cheeky Treats: 70 Brilliant Bakes and Cakes, extremely well back in 2018. The second, appropriately named Second Helpings, was similarly popular when it hit shelves a year later.

In addition to his cookbook writing, Charles also pens a baking column in The Guardian.

Whether you prefer to enjoy food content on screen or on the page, Charles certainly covers all bases.