Who are the chefs on Saturday Kitchen today? Meet the cooks joining Matt Tebbutt

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Discovering the chefs on the Saturday Kitchen line-up is always a highlight of the UK food TV week.

If you’ve just endured the week from hell, there’s nothing quite as comforting as looking forward to some top-quality cooks serving up something mouthwatering.

Whoever makes an appearance, you can guarantee there will be something you’ll want to sink your teeth into.

who are the chefs on Saturday Kitchen The chefs on Saturday Kitchen change each week (Credit: BBC)

Who are the chefs on Saturday Kitchen today?

This week, chefs Jane Baxter and Philip Juma will be joining host Matt Tebbutt on Saturday morning.

The show will air from 10am through to 11.30am and will also feature contributions from wine expert Helen McGinn.

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As well as the live content the episode will feature classic clips from Rick Stein, Keith Floyd, Nigella Lawson and Mary Berry, as well as new recipes from the two guests.

Who is Jane Baxter Jane Baxter is a regular Saturday Kitchen contributor (Credit: BBC)

Who is Jane Baxter?

Jane Baxter is a regular Saturday Kitchen contributor and close friend of host Matt Tebbutt.

The co-owner of popular Knightsbridge-based food and drink company Wild Artichokes, Devon-born Baxter has cooked at some of the country’s top restaurants.

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However, it was her stint at The River Café that really inspired her love of Italian food.

In addition to her work with Wild Artichokes, Baxter is also a regular contributor to The Guardian newspaper. She is also the author of several successful cookbooks, including three for the popular fast food chain Leon.

Although her marital status is unclear, Baxter “is now living in Kingsbridge with her son David, when she’s not in Puglia,” according to the Wild Artichokes website.

who is Philip Juma Philip Juma is pioneering a new approach to Iraqi cuisine (Credit: Instagram/JUMAKitchen)

Who is Philip Juma?

As the founder and head chef of JUMA Kitchen, Philip Juma is at the forefront of Iraqi cooking in the UK.

Juma set up the business in 2012, with the intention of changing the way people “perceive and experience Iraqi cuisine”. From his base in Borough Market, the talented young cook has been doing just that.

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In his twenties, Juma built up his experience in some premier London restaurants. His CV includes the likes of French & Grace, Ben’s Canteen, Wild Game Co, Ishbilia, The Savoy, MAZE, and NOPI.

Although Borough is his main location, Juma also offers supper clubs and private catering events in order to introduce people to Iraqi cuisine.

With an English-Irish mother and Iraqi father, the 36-year-old chef draws on his dual heritage throughout his cooking.

Saturday Kitchen Saturday Kitchen is filmed live (Credit: BBC)

Is Saturday Kitchen filmed live?

Part of what makes the Saturday Kitchen format so popular is the fact that it is filmed live.

The show incorporates key elements like audience interaction, which mean it is also prone to the occasional gaffe. For instance, regular viewers were quick to notice when, earlier this year, host Matt Tebbutt accidentally swore into a hot mic.

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Although there are occasional recorded reruns or seasonal specials, a typical show always airs live.

For early seasons of the show, shooting took place in the Cactus TV studios in Kennington. However, according to the Metro, the show moved to a Clapham location in 2012 where it has remained ever since.

Phil Tufnell Saturday Kitchen Phil Tufnell is the celebrity guest on this week’s episode (Credit: Alamy/theodore liasi)

Who are the celebrity guests on Saturday Kitchen today?

Alongside chefs Jane Baxter and Philip Juma this week is special guest Phil Tufnell.

The ex-England cricketer is probably best known for his successful appearances on “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!” and as a team captain on A Question of Sport.

Tufnell is also a co-host on the popular cricket podcast The Tuffers and Vaughan Show, alongside ex-England captain Michael Vaughan.

“The Cat”, as Tufnell is colloquially known, also previously appeared on the show back in 2017, with John Torode as host.

Saturday Kitchen recipes The BBC Food website is a repository for Saturday Kitchen recipes (Credit: BBC)

Where can I find Saturday Kitchen recipes?

Many Saturday Kitchen recipes are available on the BBC.

The archive includes a collection of nearly 2,000 delicious dishes, including nearly 500 by host Matt Tebbutt himself.

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Other chefs included in the collection are popular figures like Anna Haugh and Cherish Finden. The dedicated Saturday Kitchen section of the website also allows you to browse by episode as well as by recipe.

Even if you aren’t paying close attention at the time, you don’t have to miss out on any tasty treats.