Who won Junior Bake Off 2021? The final is on Channel 4 TONIGHT

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In a year when we've all tried our hand at sourdough, the Junior Bake Off final might be one of the most depressing TV events imaginable.

After all, if anything's going to dissuade you from baking, it's watching a 10-year-old do it much better than you ever could.

However, despite the depressing implications, there's no doubt that watching kids conjure up sensational bakes is genuinely impressive. Ahead of the series six Junior Bake Off final, we look at the contestants so far and reveal who's top of the tree.

On your marks, get set, bake.

When is the Junior Bake Off final The Junior Bake Off competitors (Credit: Channel 4)

Who won Junior Bake Off 2021?

The grand Junior Bake Off final itself will take place tonight on Friday, January 29.

However, even though the competition is almost over, many fans are none the wiser as to who will come out on top.

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Three out of the four junior bakers have won Star Baker, proving that it really is anybody's game.

Even social media is split evenly over who could come out on top. Even though 14-year-old Reece has been the most successful baker to date, most viewers agree that it's still anyone's competition.

Here are the Junior Bake Off 2021 contestants left standing...


Despite missing out on Star Baker during the first week, 14-year-old Cece has been a consistent performer throughout this year's contest.

Having twice finished top of the technical challenge, once for pizza star bread and once for Jamaican patties, she has certainly marked herself as one to watch.

Here's hoping that she can grasp that elusive Star Baker in finals week!

Junior Bake Off 2021 Cece Junior Bake Off 2021 Cece (Credit: Channel 4)


As the most successful baker in this year's competition to date, there's no doubt that Reece is the one to watch.

Twice winning Star Baker and consistently ranking near the top of the field, the 14-year-old Leicestershire lad is proving himself to be a real talent.

Time will tell whether he remains a favourite after this week's other heat. For now, he's certainly near the front of the pack.

Reece Junior Bake Off Reece is one of the favourites for the Junior Bake Off final (Credit: Channel 4)


Like Reece, Robbie has shown himself to be a young baker of prodigious talent.

The 15-year-old Bristolian impressed the judges with his biscuit skills and has never finished lower than third in a technical.

If consistency is what you need to win Junior Bake Off, Robbie could be in with a real shout.

robbie Junior Bake Off 2021 Robbie Junior Bake Off 2021 (Credit: Channel 4)


Another baker who credits her grandma with providing some serious kitchen inspiration, 10-year-old Naima has a serious passion for cooking.

The South Londoner regularly whips up everything from scones to lemon drizzle. This presumably goes down very well with her brother, who she describes as her "best friend".

Naima Junior Bake Off 2021 Naima Junior Bake Off 2021 (Credit: Channel 4)

What is the Junior Bake Off final prize?

Like the adult competition, there is no official prize money for the Junior Bake Off final.

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Instead, the champion receives an iconic glass cake stand trophy and a whole heap of kudos.

However, where the competition really comes into its own is in potentially providing a springboard for future food industry opportunities.

Fin won the Junior Bake Off final in 2019 Fin won the Junior Bake Off final in 2019 (Credit: Channel 4)

For instance, 2019 champion Fin revealed after his victory that he would love to be a TV chef and cookbook author when he's older.

It might not be immediately lucrative, but there's no doubt that winning the competition is a great feather in your cap.

Who was eliminated from Junior Bake Off in the Semi-Final?

Unfortunately, Junior Bake Off fans have already had to say goodbye to some incredibly talented young bakers.

Here's who's left the competition so far.


Even though she won the technical challenge, Safiyyah struggled with her choux pastry semi-final showstopper. However, despite the disappointment, there's no doubt that she had a stellar competition.

If her cooking CV is anything to go by Safiyyah certainly isn't afraid of taking risks in the kitchen.

Alongside more traditional staples such as Macarons and cheesy bread, she enjoys making up her own recipes for dishes like "super spiced coffee and chocolate cake".

Whatever the challenge, the 14-year-old certainly seems prepared to meet it head-on.

Safiyyah Junior Bake Off 2021 Safiyyah Junior Bake Off 2021 (Credit: Channel 4)

Who else was in Junior Bake Off 2021?


Despite presenting a delicious cake on Wednesday night, Fern's presentation ultimately cost her a semi-final place.

After coming 6th in the first technical challenge of the series, 10-year-old Fern really grew into the competition.

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By winning dessert week and wowing the judges with her choux pastry in episode five, Fern went from outsider to one to watch.

Fern Junior Bake Off Fern Junior Bake Off (Credit: Channel 4)


Despite his status as a firm fan favourite, Zack struggled with his sweet and savoury Mexican tartlets in Finals week.

Another Yorkshire baker, Zack has been cooking up a storm since he was young.

At his Leeds home, the 13-year-old uses the collective wisdom of his mum, grandmother and the internet to push his food to the next level.

With expertise in everything from brilliant birthday cakes to traditional Jewish challahs, Zack certainly has plenty of strings to his bow.

Zack Junior Bake Off 2021 Zack Junior Bake Off 2021 (Credit: Channel 4)


Despite a monumental effort in making it to finals week, Maddi came unstuck with the doughnut showstopper challenge

Inspired by her grandmother's old recipe book collection, 14-year-old Maddi has taken her bakes to a whole new level.

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The 14-year-old Gateshead-born baker has recently added indulgent contemporary desserts like cookie-butter cheesecake to her repertoire. Coupled with a comprehensive understanding of classics like Victoria sponge, there's no doubt that Maddi is one to watch.

Maddi Junior Bake Off Maddi Junior Bake Off (Credit: Channel 4)


Henry made it all the way through to the final episode of the heats, before faltering when faced with pastry.

Creative both in and out of the kitchen, 12-year-old Henry certainly promises some seriously exciting treats.

The young cook is also a keen flautist, as well as sewer and drawer. He even enjoys making up his own languages!

Henry Junior Bake Off 2021 Henry Junior Bake Off 2021 (Credit: Channel 4)


Despite winning many fans during his time on the show, Will struggled with the technical "Mega Choccy Stacks" challenge.

While his nan might have originally inspired West Yorkshire-born Will to get in the kitchen, it's the internet that really helped to take his cooking to a new level.

Watching a series of cooking tutorials on the internet, the 12-year-old maestro is now something of an expert at tricky illusion cakes.

Will Junior Bake Off Will Junior Bake Off 2021 (Credit: Channel 4)


After struggling a little during biscuit week, 13-year-old Toby, unfortunately, came unstuck when it came to bread. He became the second contestant to be eliminated from Heat 2, following Sicily the previous evening.

For Toby, baking is something of a family tradition. Having been inspired to start by his mum and sister, the Cambridge-based cook is quickly becoming an expert himself.

Specialising in pavlova and practising his recipes on his friends at church, there's no doubt that Toby takes things very seriously!

Toby Junior Bake Off Toby Junior Bake Off (Credit: Channel 4)


Sadly, 10-year-old Sicily was the first to be eliminated from Heat 2 of Junior Bake Off.

Born in Devon, she is just as much a fan of the outdoors as she is the kitchen.

Between walks on the beach and rollerblading expeditions with friends, she specialises in treats like chocolate fudge cake.

Despite only being 10, Sicily's baking certainly doesn't lack ambition and she plans to keep it up following her Junior Bake Off departure.

Sicily Junior Bake Off 2021 Sicily Junior Bake Off 2021 (Credit: Channel 4)


10-year-old Charlie impressed the judges with his incredible spider cake in episode one. Unfortunately for Worcestershire-born baking prodigy, his arachnid sponge wasn't enough to save him from an early exit.

Even though he struggled with some of the more technical bakes, Charlie's enthusiasm certainly wasn't diminished by the experience. Fingers crossed for the future!

Charlie Junior Bake Off 2021 Charlie Junior Bake Off 2021 (Credit: Channel 4)


Despite winning Star Baker in episode three, Erin sadly fell short at the final hurdle of week one.

The Worcestershire-born teenager eventually came unstuck during the Jamaican patty technical, but not before she'd left her mark on the competition.

Whatever she decides to bake next, she'll certainly have won herself many fans.

Erin Junior Bake Off 2021 Erin Junior Bake Off 2021 (Credit: Channel 4)


10-year-old Fyn certainly left his mark on this year's contest, cooking up a storm with his spectacular Spicy Sunset biscuit collage.

Unfortunately for the Hampshire-born aspiring baker, he came unstuck during bread week with his pizza star dough. Still, despite his early exit, there's nothing to suggest that he won't be baking for years to come.

Fyn Junior Bake Off Fyn Junior Bake Off (Credit: Channel 4)


Although she had produced some seriously impressive show stoppers throughout the course of the competition, 10-year-old Sophia was undone by her particularly ambitious decorative trifle.

However, despite the disappointment of exiting in episode four, there's no doubt that Sophia has a lot of room for improvement. After all, if she can get this far after just a couple of years of experience, who knows where she'll end up?

Sophia Junior Bake Off Sophia Junior Bake Off (Credit: Channel 4)

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